LG unveiled the Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones back in January, during CES. The features for both were discussed at the time, however the pricing and availability remained somewhat of a mystery. Well, flash forward till today and the mystery has been resolved. LG has said theses two items will be available in the US beginning on May 18th.

The initial availability will be limited to Best Buy, who also happen to have pre-orders available as of today. The Lifeband Touch will also be coming to other retailers such as Fry’s, HH Gregg and Newegg beginning in mid-June. The Lifeband Touch will sell for $149.99 and the Heart Rate Earphones will sell for $179.99.


LG notes Android support as being 4.3 and 4.4. Also included will be Android 4.2 on the LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy S4. The Lifeband Touch is a wrist-worn fitness wearable with an OLED touch display. The band features a triple-axis accelerometer and altimeter and users will be able to get fitness and activity details as well as notifications for incoming calls, text messages and music controls.

The Heart Rate Earphones will offer real-time heart rate data. This is a strap-free setup with the sensor living in the earphones themselves. These two gadgets will then be paired with the LG Fitness app which offers a summary of the data as well as a breakdown of personal goals. The video sitting below is from our hands-on time during CES.

SOURCE: PR Newswire