Uh oh here we go again. A new photo has been released or leaked showing what seems to be a very sleek and shiny new phone from LG. It looks pretty darn similar to the leak of the HTC Nexus 3 that we posted about last week then later revealed to be a fake. According to the source this came from someone at LG so it could be a highly reliable photo.

So now the question remains as to who will be lucky enough to get the next Google-powered Nexus device. Will it be HTC or LG, or maybe someone else we haven’t heard about. The photo above makes us believe it will be LG with that sleek looking phone that features no hardware or capacitive buttons that we can see. HTC manufactured the Nexus One we all loved, then Samsung was the team behind the Nexus S. It only sounds fair to let someone else like LG get a chance.

This is all we have to go on, just a leaked picture from someone at LG. Maybe they are trying to get some hype or maybe this is the real deal. What do you the readers think? I do like how the bezel seems to flare out on the bottom in the leaked photo. If LG does indeed get the nod from Google to make the Nexus 3 or whatever it will be named I sure hope they deliver a quality device because the LG G2x has more than a few issues.

Is this the next Nexus? What do you think?

[via GSMArena]


  1. No chance. This is the same image that was used over a year ago when they announced the Optimus One.  http://androidandme.com/2010/09/phones/lg-to-hold-online-press-event-for-optimus-series-maybe-the-pad/

  2. No chance. This is the same image that was used over a year ago when they announced the Optimus One.  http://androidandme.com/2010/09/phones/lg-to-hold-online-press-event-for-optimus-series-maybe-the-pad/

  3. That would be crazy! Either way I shared this on the facebook (www.facebook.com/advancedtechKOR) and twitter (www.twitter.com/advancedtechkr) for project Advanced Technolgy and Design Korea.  Make sure to follow us on twitter if you can! (@advancedtechkr:twitter ) Have a good one!

  4. My LG G2x doesn’t have any issues! It’s fast, beautiful, has awesome accessories (cradle & car mount). Are there really that many people with issues? Side note: My sister has one too and she has not complained about her’s; and she would IN A SECOND if she had ANY issues! :^)


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