LG‘s earnings report hinted at a wider-scale rollout of its L Series smartphones and now the next wave of that plan has started. In Indonesia, LG has unveiled the L80, so far the fourth of the lineup of affordable smartphones that was introduced way back in February at MWC 2014.

The LG L80 is the latest member of the L Series III, the third generation of smartphones that LG keeps on churning out for the budget device market. The first two batches have been met with a decent amount of success, and so LG is unsurprisingly expecting the same from this new range. The first three members have already been revealed, the L40, L70, and L90, with the last one being the first scheduled to launch after MWC. Now we have the L80, which is making Asia its first destination.

Despite the number, the L80 is actually larger than the L90, the former sporting a 5.0-inch IPS screen while the latter only 4.7. The resolution, however, is strangely smaller at WVGA, usually 800×480 pixels. Both, however, seem to share the same 1.2 GHz dual-core Qualcomm chip and 1 GB of RAM. Internal storage is lower on the L80, with only 4 GB of memory. It also supports a dual SIM setup, which is quite common for smartphones targeting emerging markets. Despite the budget smartphone moniker, LG isn’t skimping on the software aspects. Buyers will be meeting Android 4.4 here as well as LG’s beloved Knock Code UX feature.

LG hasn’t yet made hints when and where the LG L80 will make its presence felt next, or whether it plans to bring the smartphone to the US at all. In Indonesia, the L80 will cost 2.5 million Indonesia Rupiah, which converts to $215, and will come in black and white color options.