It seems that not only did LG change the name of its latest UX feature, it has also slightly changed the way it works. Now called “Knock Code”, this method of waking up a smartphone can now accept an entire pattern of taps instead of the simplistic double tap gesture.

Although it wasn’t the first to offer such a feature, which debuted in Nokia‘s ill-fated N9 smartphone, LG can be credited for really pushing this knocking gesture as a very desirable feature. Appearing first in the LG G2 and called “Knock Knock” and then “KnockON”, the feature allowed users to unlock, and subsequently lock, the device. After a few renames, LG has given the feature, now called “Knock Code”, a refresh in time for the unveiling of the LG G Pro 2.

The choice of “code” in Knock Code is not just a whimsical decision. Indeed, instead of a simple double tap, users can use a pattern of taps in order to unlock the device. Locking the device, however, still uses a double tap. According to LG, Knock Code recognizes 86,367 tap combinations, though that number is probably a bit overkill. In any case, this new method adds a level of personalization and security like pin codes or pattern inputs. However, as seen in the very short video below, it seems that the pattern is recognized no matter how far apart the taps are, which probably nullifies the security bit once the pattern has been recognized by others.

Knock Code will be making its debut on the LG G Pro 2, which in turn will be unveiled to the public at MWC 2014 next week. At this point, it is unknown if the feature will be rolling out to other LG smartphones, particularly the G2 and the Optimus L Series II, the latter of which was announced to receive the older Knock method by January.

VIA: Android Central