Some members on Reddit have sent back their LG-made Nexus 5X units to LG Mobile Repair because of the random boot-looping issue that the phone is going through. To their happy surprise, LG has sent them an email saying that the company will be processing for them a full refund because “a part to complete the repair is out of stock and is no longer available”.

Redditor “ericcwu” said that he sent in his girlfriend’s Nexus 5X because it was experiencing the boot-looping issue that was being talked about on the internet regarding the 5X. He received an email, and the complete text, according to him was this:

“Thank you for choosing LG Electronics for your mobile device! We recognize that you have numerous options when selecting a mobile device and it is our priority to provide you with the highest quality products and service.

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve experienced a problem with your LGH790 and appreciate you giving us the opportunity to provide a warranty repair. We have received your device at our repair facility but currently a part to complete the repair is out of stock and is no longer available.

To rectify this issue, we would like to offer you a refund for the full amount of your device. That amount will be determined by your sales receipt. Your refund can take approximately 4 weeks to receive due to the holiday.

Please reply to this email should you have any questions or concerns.”

We can think about this in a couple of ways – either 1) the issue is bad enough to be unrepairable that LG just conceded with the full refund, with the “out of stock” excuse being pure spin, or 2) the part needed really is out of stock and a re-supply of the said part is not possible within good timeframes or is not financially acceptable.

Either way, boot-looping Nexus 5X units have a full refund in view to add to whatever they may want to purchase as a replacement. The next problem is, there are not enough 5-inch phones out there that can compare with the performance of the Nexus 5X.

SOURCE: Reddit