So this isn’t good news at all for Nexus 5X users. Although this handy smartphone from last year is part of the lucky list who will be getting the upgrade to Android Nougat, it seems that Google has identified a hardware issue that might cause your device to have random reboots when upgraded to Android 7.0.

There is very little we know about the issue, and Google is not very forthcoming with information on what is causing this. So on to what we do know – first, that Google confirms “very few” of the Nexus 5X devices in the wild are affected by this issue. Secondly, Google is pointing to a “hardware issue” of some sort causing the random reboots.


As to what that hardware issue is, we really have no clue yet. The solution? Well, apparently there is no easy fix that you can do on your own – Google will have to take in your unit for warranty service. This may or may not mean that you will be getting a replacement unit.

As far as the developer community is concerned, a full wipe and factory reset does NOT fix the issue. Downgrading to Marshmallow is an option, but very few people will find that acceptable. If you’re suffering from this issue, do tell us about it.

VIA: Phandroid