LG will still continue with the G-series. It’s being rebranded but still as the flagship offering. The South Korean tech company skipped the Mobile World Congress. We were expecting it to launch this March or April and we’re excited to know if it will feature Quick Charge 4.0 tech, AI features, a bigger display, or a notch design. There’s also the idea it may roll out in May or June. Now we have information that LG is planning to launch the next-gen premium flagship phone in two versions: one with LCD and another one with an OLED display. LG seems to be giving the consumers the choice on what to get depending on their preference and budget.

Everything is the same except for the display. The OLED version is said to be thinner and more lightweight compared to the LCD. Another difference is the price because the LCD is cheaper yet more durable than OLED. We’re assuming more people may want to buy the LCD variant but it will still depend on the consumer. Some may prefer the OLED phone while others may be content with the LCD version.

This is one strategy that may appeal to different consumers. It’s no secret LG is doing changes in its business strategy. Hopefully, releasing the flagship phone in two versions will help reduce costs and expand sales. Improvement in sales and profits is what LG needs right now since it’s been losing the past eleven consecutive quarters. Another strategy is to modularize as it can reduce costs by expanding common parts of a device.

It’s not clear if LG will be releasing the OLED and LCD models at the same time. We’re not sure how LG will market this but we’re definitely looking forward to the next few months.