Aside from the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, the LG G5 captured the attention of the Android community because of its unique modular design. The other South Korean tech giant took a bold leap by launching the modular phone that offers a different kind of mobile experience. We noted that the “Friends” make a huge difference .  Yet to be available from Verizon and AT&T, the smartphone comes with several interesting features that are worthy to be explored.

We haven’t made any in-depth review yet but we know this premium flagship phone might start a mobile revolution. It’s the first to employ the “modular” idea although it’s not fully modular. It’s more like adding a component or switching a part to enhance a feature. Accessories like extra battery, Cam Plus, 360 camera, Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY, and Tone Platinum wireless headphones offer a more enhanced mobile media experience when you need it.

The Cam Plus particularly is an awesome accessory because it makes mobile photography a snap. If you’re into such kind of photography, you can use the LG G5 as if it’s a real compact camera with better grip and controls. There’s also the Hi-Fi Plus module that delivers high audio quality. What’s good about this accessory is the fact that you can also use it with other smartphones as confirmed by YouTuber TK Bay. He tried to connect the Hi-Fi Plus to a Nexus 6P and true enough, it worked. This is good news because that means small device isn’t exclusive to just the LG G5. With the help of a USB Type C cable, the Youtuber was able to connect a Hi-Fi Plus to a Nexus 6P.

Ordinary listeners may not notice or appreciate the news but real audiophiles will be happy to know that even if they can’t buy a new LG G5, they can just get the Hi-Fi Plus developed in partnership with Bang & Olufsen and attach to their current smartphones to enjoy premium audio quality.

VIA: Digital Trends