Google engineer Benson Leung is once again sharing good news about products he believe in. After saying that USB Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0 can work together over USB Type-C on the LG G5 and reviewing several cables listed on Amazon, Leung noted that external display via VESA DP Alternate mode and USB Power Delivery are supported by the new LG flagship phone.

The Google employee didn’t really discover it but shared what earlier reported. The website reported that the USB TYPE-C based 27UD88-W monitor can work with the LG G5. The 4K display is compatible with the USB Power Delivery tech so you can “expand your vision”.

LG’s 27-inch Class Ultra HD IPS 4K 27UD88-W Monitor specifically works well with the LG G5. Thanks to the the following features: DisplayPort 1.2, USB Power Delivery, and USB 2.0–working over the USB Type-C interface. The monitor is actually the South Korea tech giant’s first-ever USB Type-C 4K monitor. Again, it’s USB Type-C so it works with the smartphone that also has USB Type-C.

So will any other USB Type-C cables also work? Don’t count on it as other products may not be compatible or up-to-spec. LG said you should only use the accessories that come with the monitor. With this compatibility, you can finally mirror the LG G5 onto the 4K monitor whenever you need it.

VIA: Benson Leung, GTrusted