The Nexus 5X isn’t the only LG smartphone we’re anticipating. We’re not sure about this yet but there’s another rumor that an LG G4 Note will be released next month, October. We’re used to an LG flagship having a number of variants but this will be the first time that a “Note” from LG is a hot topic of discussion. A TENAA sighting could also be the best evidence but you know, anything can be faked these days.

The LG G4 Note has been rumored as early as March, thanks to another set of leaked images that also mentioned something about LG shifting to metal cases. But now, reports indicate that it might not have a metal build at all but will still have a removable battery.

An LG G4 Note could be released so the South Korean giant can finally have something against the Galaxy Note 5 or the Galaxy S6 edge+. The LG G4 may be powerful but still a bigger or more premium version from LG could beat the newest flagships especially from the rival Korean company–Samsung.

Details are scarce right now but an October 10 launch date has been marked already, following the 4th quarter reveal as confirmed by LG’s Cho Juno himself. Let’s wait and see if there’s indeed an LG G4 Note in the works.

VIA: gforgames (1),(2)