With brands like Samsung and Xiaomi shifting to metal backed smartphones, chances are, we’ll be seeing that trend expand to other OEMs as well. If rumors are to be believed, LG will be the next one to “jump ship” as they’re already preparing smartphones that will come with metal backing or metal-infused casings. But it won’t make it in time for the upcoming new flagship, the LG G4.

Insiders say the Korean OEM is already neck-deep into preparing to adopt metal cases for their smartphones from hereon out. They will be letting go of their usual polycarbonate materials and trade it in for the much sturdier (and sometimes prettier) metal case. This will be a good move for them as some of their smartphone rivals are way ahead of the game, but a lot of other OEMs have not followed suite.

However, this won’t make it on time for the actual launch of the upcoming LG G4, as they would have to source new equipment to be able to produce these metal cases. Manufacturing it themselves will cost a lot of time and money, so they’re looking into switching to CNCs (computer precision control) to be able to do it in-house. But that will still take time, and not enough to meet the deadline for their new flagship.

What users can look forward to, supposedly, is the rumored G4 Note which might become their first metal-clad smartphone. Nothing concrete is yet known about this new series, except that we’re excited to see what new thing LG is coming up with.

VIA: G for Games