The LG G3 seems to be the center of attention these past days. But while the leaked photos keep on coming, they sometimes generate more questions than answers, like this latest batch spotted from Amazon’s German catalog, courtesy of MobileGeeks.

Perhaps the most noticeable, and also most mysterious, part of these set of photos is the rather large hole at the top right corner of the device. The hole does seem to contain something metallic, which rules it out as a headphone jack. There is speculation that it could be a TV antenna usually found on devices intended for the Japanese or Korean markets. However, the shape of the exposed part also bears an uncanny resemblance to how the new S Pen looks on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and latter S Pen enabled devices. Could this be a glimpse of a new stylus trend for LG? The two companies are head to head in rivalry, but so far LG has managed to stay away from having a dedicated stylus for its smartphones and tablets.

We also catch another peek at the rear cover design, which, as expected, shows back-oriented speakers and a redesigned and more engraved rear button controls. Once again, there is also the second hole which seems to mock our ignorance of it. It is too small for a fingerprint sensor,that’s for sure, so perhaps maybe some other biometric sensor, like a heart rate monitor similar to the Galaxy S5. It could yet be another camera, though, which would try to replicate the Duo Camera setup of the HTC One M8.

We won’t have to keep on guessing or rely on speculation for long. LG has all but confirmed that it will be unveiling the LG G3 around the end of May, quite earlier than its usual schedule.

VIA: SlashGear