It looks like the G2x will start to get more and more accessories over the next few days now that it has been officially released. You can see our full review of the G2x here. Today we have a nice kickstand case for you all that just bought the G2x.

It is made by LG, it says Google on the Aluminum strip just like the Optimux 2x, or G2x does. From the pictures and from what I have heard it works great, and has the same amazing build quality as the G2x and it feels very well made. It will fit both devices as they are the same design. Now you can feel cool like the HTC EVO and its kickstand does.

It is available now from Expansys, and make sure you order from the USA store if you are in the states. For a direct link to the product I have that also, it is here. We at AndroidCommunity have one that is currently on the way and we will make sure to review it and let you know our thoughts on it, the build quality, and how well it holds the phone up once we get it. Thanks!

[via Expansys]