Earlier in the week we told you about the G2x getting 1-click-root and recovery and you can read about that here. The root method is a 1-click program that is as simple as it gets, but the flashing of clockworkmod recovery was a different story. It needed additional files and NvFlash. Now we have ClockworkMod Recovery for the G2x the easy way.

Now available in Rom Manager is a working recovery for both the G2x, and the Optimus 2x as they needed slightly different ones from what I’ve read. No more flashing with NvFlash or any difficult adb commands here. For those that don’t know, Rom Manager is basically the best. It is a UI overlay for things that are scary like flashing a recovery. It does it all for you, and even updates when needed. With a single click.

So for those with a shiny new G2x, go and get Rom Manager from the market, free and Premium available. Then simply click “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery” and the menu will appear like the photo above, and choose your G2x, easy as cake. Only takes but a few seconds. Oh and I took that screenshot using LG’s screenshot feature on the G2x. Now all we need is some Gingerbread, or some CyanogenMod 7. Who wants to bet that CM7 comes first?