It looks like things are already moving along just fine, just as we expected they would on the LG G2x. It doesn’t have locked bootloaders, or any of those other issues all the Motorola and HTC phones have as of late. After day one we are already rooted, and running clockworkmod both on the G2x, next up is CyanogenMod.

This is sort of news, but was also pretty expected from the XDA and android hacking community. They are usually pretty fast. They already have CyanogenMod like 90% done for this device, so all the rest is only a matter of time. First I will start with rooting your G2x. It is extremely easy and took me ohhh, about 35 seconds or so. Using the extremely popular SuperOneClick root method it was done in a matter of seconds. Here is the G2x specific root thread over at XDA. Then once you have done that ClockworkMod is not quite as easy yet, but I’m sure it will be soon.

ClockworkMod is already up and working on the G2x also, that means custom ROM’s are just days or hours away from starting to come out. Not to mention there are some already for the Optimus 2x, but I’d be careful as they might not be compatible at first. The guide for CWM is a little more involved because it requires NvFlash. This isn’t to hard for those that have used it in the past, it’s similar to adb, but different. Check out the links and guides below.

ClockWorkMod for G2x
SuperOneClick v1.8 for rooting the G2x

[via XDA G2x Forum]