LG might soon be unveiling one of two first Android Wear smartwatches, but the device that it has might not exactly be to Google’s liking. Korean media now reports that the LG G Watch, or some variant of it, will be sporting a non-removable SIM or uSIM inside, making the smartwatch more independent of a smartphone.

Google’s vision for Android Wear, at least for the smartwatch kind, mostly revolves around being an extension of a primary device, like a smartphone or a tablet. As such, this type of device will rely on a smartphone for data connectivity. But with its own SIM inside, a smartwatch will be able to connect to the Internet by itself. It perhaps could even make phone calls, depending on how LG designs it. If, of course, it really does turn out that way.

This latest rumor could very well be fueled by the intense rivalry between LG and fellow Korean company Samsung. Ever since the new Samsung Gear 2 arrived, there have already been rumors about a Gear 2 refresh, nicknamed the Gear Solo, that will include such a feature as well. It is also believed to be able to make and take calls, no matter how awkward that has been proven to be.

Of course, LG has not commented, much less confirmed, such a rumor, and it could very well turn out to be false. That said, one interesting bit about this rumor is the part about the SIM card being locked in place, which could also lock its utility purely for data connection. The device is said to be available from carrier LG U+, part of the larger LG conglomerate, but, should the rumor pan out, there is a remote possibility of it becoming available in other markets as well.

SOURCE: iNews24