LG’s smartwatch is coming this week, that much is sure, but its actual availability will most likely only be revealed at I/O 2014 . Online retailer MobileFun isn’t waiting, however, and has already put up a pre-order page for the LG G Watch, with a price tag that roughly matches previous leaks.

The LG G Watch has been adequately teased by LG itself as well as with a little help from Google. However, not much is really known about this device outside of some leaks. The closest we’ve gotten to a complete specification was two weeks ago with a leak of what is more likely quotation sheets than actual spec sheet. That said, it showed a slightly underpowered device, though it could very well be the baseline that Google is aiming for with Android Wear smartwatches.

As to the price, there hasn’t really been any solid information either, with most leaks either coming up with estimates or comparing it to existing smartwatches in the market. MobileFun puts the price tag at $254.99, which is only a bit below previous estimates that put it somewhere lower than the SRP of a Samsung Gear 2 Neo. Aside from that price, however, there is nothing on those pages that haven’t already been officially revealed before, like features and color options. Given that we’re still waiting for the official word on the G Watch, best to take this pre-order offer with a healthy dose of skepticism.


LG won’t be the only Android Wear star at Google I/O. Of course, the Moto 360 will also be there to share the stage. But a surprising latecomer will also be vying for the spotlight. Samsung is also expected to unveil its own Android Wear smartwatch, which is definitely a surprise and a deviation from its Tizen-powered wearable thrust.

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VIA: Phandroid, Ausdroid