While LG has officially confirmed the existence of the G Pro 2, we have so far no idea what this upcoming smartphone will look like. That is, until now. A pair of photos has just been leaked that show what is supposedly the G Pro 2, revealing a mix of features from LG’s own lineup as well as its chief rival.

The previous Optimus G Pro was touted as LG’s answer to the then newly unveiled Samsung Galaxy Note II, without the specialized stylus of course. Likewise, the G Pro 2 is also believed to rival the Galaxy Note 3. There is talk that the G Pro 2 will have a textured back cover similar to the faux leather rear of the Galaxy Note 3, though this photo doesn’t really make that clear.

What is quite obvious from these leaked photos is the presence rear button controls, a peculiar feature that debuted with the company’s current flagship, the LG G2. Other G2 features that are expected to make its way to the G Pro 2 include the custom User Experience (UX) bits like Knock, Guest Mode, QSlide, and others. It is still unknown if the G Pro 2 will have a fingerprint scanner, a feature whose hype has seemingly died out by now.


The rest of the G Pro 2 features are still a big unknown at this point. It is expected to come in a 6-inch package with a Full HD display, a Snapdragon 800 processor and support for LTE-A networks. Other than that, we’ll just have to wait for more leaks and tips on the road to MWC 2014 next month.

VIA: rbmen


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