LG has just filed for a new trademark that has some people speculating and probably even hoping for the Korean OEM’s next move. Simply called the LG G Pen, some have taken this to be signs of a stylus-enabled device from LG, similar to rival Samsung’s Galaxy Note family. But the trademark is so generic and vague that it remains open to interpretation, and LG’s latest stylus attempt doesn’t exactly inspire confidence either.

LG’s last attempt at a smartphone with a stylus was the LG G3 Stylus, pictured above, last August. Initially leaked, accidentally or otherwise, there was a short burst of interest around the device that was presumed, or hoped, to become a Galaxy Note rival. After all, it bore the “G3” name. That turned out to be a disappointment, however. Not only was the G3 Stylus an underwhelming mid-range phablet, its stylus was also simply a capacitive one. The only advantage it offered was the silo dedicated to that stylus.

And so it is with a bit of caution that we approach the LG G Pen, whose trademark filing doesn’t really clue us in on what this device will be. The closest we can get is that it is a mobile device, particularly a smartphone. One that will be used for “for the wireless receipt, storage and/or transmission of data and messages;” Whether that actually involves a stylus is yet unknown, but the “Pen” in the name does hint at that possibility. We’re just not sure how this will turn out to be.

Somewhat unrelated to the device itself, the trademark filing seems to also hint at future LG products, especially in the realm of wearables. Aside from smartwatches, of which LG already has two, the document also makes mention of “Necklaces of precious metal; Bracelets of Precious metal; Key rings for precious metal; Rings of Precious metal.”, seemingly implying that the manufacturer is also looking towards other forms of wearable devices, which admittedly might be a bit more interesting if the LG G Pen turns out to be another dud.

VIA: SlashGear