The LG G Pad 8.3 tablet has been rolling out globally and it looks like there has been another release. The latest is the US, where the tablet will be available by way of Best Buy. The retailer will have the LG G Pad 8.3 available beginning today for those shopping online. Elsewise, in-store availability will begin on November 3rd.

LG originally announced the G Pad 8.3 back in early-September during IFA 2013. We did spend a bit of hands-on time with the table during the show. For that we have some images (as well as the video) sitting below. In terms of the specs, LG has this one sporting an 8.3-inch IPS display with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1200 and a ppi of 273.

The tablet is powered by a quad-core 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor which is paired with 2GB of RAM. Other specs include 16GB of storage, a microSD card slot with support for cards up to 64GB, 4600 mAh battery and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The tablet will also have a 5 megapixel rear-facing camera.

Otherwise, in addition to Jelly Bean, and similar to what we have been seeing with other LG offerings — this one has features to include QPair, QSlide Function, Slide Aside, QuickMemo and others. These are all LG features and QPair in particular aims at keeping those with an LG tablet and smartphone in sync. LG describes QPair as being a “seamless extension to their Android smartphones by providing simultaneous access to recently opened apps, incoming calls, text messages and more.”

That all being said, the tablet is priced at $349.99.


  1. Was really hoping for $299 on this baby, which would have made it a winner all around. $349 is affordable for many, but LG won’t get a significant chunk of anything from the average consumer if they price it higher than the equivalent iPad mini. Some people are saying it’s DOA, and I’m starting to believe them. 🙁

    • I think for people wanting to stay in the Android ecosystem, wanting a screen size larger than the N7 will look at this. It’s cheaper than the Note 8 and offers a much better experience. The Note 8 is perfect for people who absolutely need the stylus, but otherwise it’s lackluster. This is the new 8″ go-to Android tablet.

      • I expect to get a sub 10″ tablet this year to complement my Acer A700. I’ll be using it for work purposes, so for me, the N7 32GB or this new G-Pad are my top choices (unless something else pops up). Cost is not a factor in my decision. Anyone have opinions on what’s better?

      • I work in sales for a software company and this tablet will have to support demonstrations of that product (it has an Android App for mobile aspect) as well as presentations of powerpoint slide decks, etc. – I lug around a laptop and would like to replace it for mobile productivity except when I need to demonstrate my desktop product. My requirements are:

        – Portability and endurance, so I’m hoping to get some figures soon on how long the G-Pad will last.

        – Removable storage is not a dealbreaker, but I like having a microSD handy to carry around my downloaded media while on the road. Actual storage required for work is pretty small.

        – All the mobile OS flavors out there have apps for my company’s product and I’m an Android fan (despite having a work-provide iPhone). Personally I prefer a tablet that works well for my desired purpose versus having the latest OS.

        I’m not sure on screen size… When I’m down at the Staples the new Nexus 7 screen looks awesome but I’m not sure if I’ll be spending much time squinting at tiny text in daily use? The 8.3 seems to win in this respect as its size makes for easier web browsing, right?

      • Portability, it depends on how you’re going to carry it. If it’s in a bag, either will be fine. The G Pad has a larger battery than the N7.

        N7 doesn’t have the option for removable storage beyond OTG and extra peripherals, even if you don’t think you’ll use it, it’s a nice option with the G Pad.

        Either will do you fine in the OS department. The G Pad just has some extra tacked on features that you may or may not use, where the N7 is bare bones and doesn’t have the bells and whistles that most OEMs tack on like Samsung and HTC.

        Screen size, bigger is definitely better for usability. If you’re going to be viewing PDFs, websites, emails, bigger is better. When I used to have the original N7, it was usable, but the extra screen real estate is really nice.

        If it sounds like I’m trying to sell you on the G Pad, I’m not. I just went through deciding between these two myself, and the G Pad works better for me.

      • Thanks for this! I was also leaning in the same direction, and I’m (slowly) coming to grips with paying $50 more than I was hoping to. Still, it’s a premium Android device, and unlike Samsung it really does look the part. Cheers mate. 🙂

      • No problem 🙂

        I was so hoping this would release at $300, but I’ll pay the extra $50 for the best 8″ tablet out there.


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