The LG G Flex officially has our attention. With its amazing specs and seemingly outstanding durability, the G Flex has the chance to be a truly world class device. While it looks great, and performs well, we wonder if we’ll ever see it released for mass consumption. According to LG, it will.

At their official unveiling for the G Flex in South Korea, LG notes that the G Flex will be available in South Korea starting from November 12th. When prompted for details on a worldwide launch, an LG spokesperson wasn’t quite so forthcoming. Though it will be released on a global scale, LG isn’t ready to commit to a timeframe just yet.

What was promised was that we’ll see the device in Europe, China, and the US. Saying negotiations aren’t yet final, the spokesperson couldn’t give an idea as to which carriers would get the G Flex. We’d like to think all carriers would, but it could end up an exclusive to someone first.

If you’re curious about pricing, those details are also not readily available. The announcement didn’t note the pricing for South Korea, so we’re not even able to convert it to other currencies. We’d like to see it before the holiday shopping season, but that seems unlikely this late in the year.