LG’s G Flex seemed like an “also ran” device, as it technically launched after the Samsung Galaxy Round. It curved the opposite direction, on a horizontal axis (in portrait) rather then a vertical. Definitely interesting, everyone wrote it off as a bit of curiosity, and not so much a serious device.

Then we started hearing it was self-healing. The plastic on the rear of the device had the ability to “heal” minor scratches and scrapes. That was interesting, and even useful! The curve, though… we still wondered if it was structurally sound. Turns out, it is. A lot. A new video provided by Engadget shows a tester leaning on the G Flex, and the device simply popping back into shape. No breaks, no splits, and no shattered screen. The G Flex actually flexes!

It worked face-up, too. The reviewer pushed down on either side of the device. You can see it come on, but it didn’t break, or even crack. That’s an impressive feat for the curved dynamo. What we can’t see is whether or not the phone works after the stress test, but we’ll assume that without the screen cracking, it works just fine.

Curved devices are interesting, and the G Flex shows they have real world durability to boot. Little bumps and dings are usually not concerning, but screens shattering or cracked cases can be. Looks like the drop test may have finally met its match!


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