A much needed confirmation of the rather odd G Flex has just arrived at LG‘s door. The International Forum Design has bestowed upon the curved smartphone the distinction of being a gold awardee of this year’s awaited IF Product Design Awards.

The LG G Flex began life as a device that seemingly had no other reason to be than to show off. After all, is there any real need or demand for a curved smartphone? Probably not yet, though it certainly points to what is possible. That said, from our own experience reviewing the G Flex, the smartphone can stand on its own against other high-end phablets of its generation. Except probably the 720p resolution display which could definitely use a few more pixels.

But what truly defines the G Flex is its curved form factor, and that is something that LG is having a hard time to sell. It might have found an amount of vindication by bagging one of the more prestigious awards related to the design field. What better way to prove you have an award-winning design than with an actual award. But more than a simple 2014 Product Design award, which was actually granted upon numerous products across numerous categories, the LG G Flex was one of those singled out with the IF Gold Award, given to those deemed the best of the best among awardees.

What does this award grant LG? Simply the permission to slap IF’s label on the product. Basically added promotional material. However, given how low sales of the G Flex has been since it was launched, there might be little hope of boosting those numbers even with a new title such as this.