Recently a few more pictures have leaked out for the LG Flip II or so we are calling it. This is a dual-screen slider headed to T-Mobile by LG that not only has dual screens but also a hardware keyboard. It’s a different take on design that is for sure, but I could see developers cooking up some cool and unique features for that extra screen real estate.

While many are mentioning this device for the first time we got wind of it (and better pictures) back in June and you can see those here. While we still don’t have many details about the phone the picture above and below reveals plenty about the device. The QWERTY keyboard looks nice at decently spaced given the lack of room with that screen down below.

Looking at that last image it may be running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread but we don’t know for sure, and have a 3.5″ display with what looks like a 1 or 1.5″ display for the other. I sort of like the idea of having my most used applications neatly on the screen below, or maybe some other crazy cool uses once developers get cracking with the extra screen space. The LG Flip II is still a mystery so until we hear more you’ll have to just enjoy the photos.

[via PocketNow]