LG has patented a moniker for what could be an upcoming wearable. Their recent application, LG is attempting to patent the name W Watch, which is noted to be a smart watch, of course. We’ve already got expectations of a smart wearable or two from LG, so we’re especially intrigued as to what else they’ve got in the works.


We know LG will release a G Watch at some point, as they’ve already shown that off at various points. A G Watch name suggests a flagship wearable, much like their G series of smartphones. The W moniker is one we’ve not seen from LG, so we’re interested to see just what they have in store for us.

While we can come up with several suggestions for what W could mean (women, Windows, water…), it likely suggests a new lineup altogether. To our minds, it could mean “Wearable” — giving LG appropriate naming for their incoming lineup of smart watches and various other gadgets. We’ve seen LG working on various types of wearables, from simple fitness bands all the way to weird earphones that measure heart rate.

While none have the W moniker, obviously, the W Watch could be the first in a lineup from LG. We’ve not yet seen anything to suggest other patents with similar naming, but time may prove otherwise. Of course, until we see something from LG in the form of hardware, we just don’t know what to make of W anything. Maybe they just like naming things after letters.

Source: USPTO

Via: Pocket Now