In a shocking move, akin to Toyota shutting down its Lexus division, LG is supposedly in talks to shutter the doors of the Optimus nameplate on their higher end devices. The Korean company is well known for making devices that are already on the higher end of the spectrum, but just like the previously mentioned Toyota/Lexus relationship, “Optimus” is their current high end brand. As we know, brand names aren’t everything though, or are they?

GALAXY is a big brand name, so we’re questioning this move. Does the name matter though? It’s more about the actual quality of the product itself. LG is unlikely to slaughter quality just because they’re slaughtering a nameplate. The current Optimus G is of a fine caliber already, so the replacement G2 is likely to be just as high end, even while void of the “Optimus” nameplate.

That being said, the Optimus brand isn’t rumored to be gone entirely. Chosun.Biz reports that the nameplate will actually be moved down a bit to the lower/middle end models, and that a whole new nameplate and “branding” will emerge for the top-tier models. It’ll be interesting to see how it all turns out, but who wants to wager some guesses as to what the new models will be referred to as?

Back in May reports suggested LG will be going with a unified design language moving forward with all their hardware, and not just mobile. We could be seeing another hint of that here with the naming scheme, and surely they’ll share more details on this moving forward.

SOURCE: Chosun.Biz