There has been a lot of talk lately from media and consumers alike about build quality and materials in their smartphones, tablets, and any other electronic device. The outcry for Samsung to use something other than cheap plastic in their flagship phones is one, and we’ve seen plenty praise HTC for their all aluminum and cutting-edge designs on the HTC One. Where does LG fit in? Read on to find out what they have planned.

With plenty of behind the scene changes already taking place, next year LG will be delivering some quality products all with an improved and unified design. LG’s aiming big, and hope this will take them to the next step. At least according to new reports. During a press conference in South Korea the companies design manager had some interesting comments about their future, and their “design philosophy” moving into next year and 2015.

According to GforGames LG’s about to do a major overhaul for the better. And not just on smartphones and tablets, but their lineup as a whole. Design Lab manager, Joon Ahn, revealed that they’ll have a unified and completely improved design language and philosophy that will be so new, fresh, and recognizable that their products will be instantly recognized as an LG device.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 1.46.16 PM

Their plan is a new design language that will be common among many of their products from smartphones to TVs and refrigerators. All unified into one beautiful product line that will be their trademark design. A huge part of this will obviously be on mobile, since that’s where technology is headed these days. We’re expecting a radical shift in the look and feel of their smartphones and upcoming tablets, and hopefully excellent build quality too.

It sounds like LG will be establishing a new name for themselves as they move forward, but we shouldn’t expect to see the fruits of this overhaul until sometime in mid to late 2014. Obviously we’ll need to see it to believe it, or to be convinced, but the future is looking bright for LG if they can keep it up. Don’t just follow Samsung or others, innovate!