With all the new smartwatch models come new companion apps. The ASUS ZenWatch recently received the new Music app and its Manager app got updated. As for the LG Watch Urbane, there’s the new LG Call for Android Wear. App takes advantage of the newest features of the latest Android Wear version like WiFi support and phone free usage.

This companion app now allows LG Watch Urbane, the first to receive the newest Android Wear update, to easily access the Dial pad, Favorite contacts, and Recent calls. Calls can then be transferred and completed on the supported smartphone. LG Call allows a user to make a call on the Watch Urbane without having to bring out the phone.

It’s easy to easy pair an LG Watch Urbane with your Android smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity. Make sure Bluetooth connection is always “on”, open the LG Call app or just say “open call”. The LG watch can respond to your voice command.

App features RECENT CALL, FAVORITE CONTACT, and DIAL PAD. Recent Call shows the list of recent call history while Favorite Contact displays your favorite contacts. Obviously, the Dial Pad allows you to dial and make a call with a simple touch. User interface of the LG Call is stylish and modern. It’s clutter-free and easy to navigate–exactly what most Android Wear apps should be given the watch screens are very small.

LG Call features are available only for the LG Watch Urbane. We’re not sure if the LG Call will be ready for older LG smartwatches but we doubt it since the LG G Watch and G Watch R are getting no WiFi support as we mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

Download LG Call for Android Wear from the Google Play Store