If you were wary of the Xbox One’s ability to see and hear you basically 24 hours a day, you might want to skip reading this story. LG has been tipped by several sources to be bringing forth a new smartphone inside 2014 that’ll be working with Always On Voice Commands. This means it’ll be listening all the time.

If you’re one for believing “three different sources who are familiar with the situation” as Gotta Be Mobile is, you’ll be pumped up for LG’s next generation in smartphone technology. Or next generation in do-it-yourself spy technology: however you want to look at it.

These sources are saying that LG’s smartphone technology will be used for navigation, primarily – here working with “certain settings or environments” rather than 100% of the time, all day long. This could have interesting effects on how the brand is seen in the world of automotive connectivity – much easier to speak to a smartphone when you don’t have to touch it all the time.

This fits well with the Qualcomm chatter earlier this year about Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 always-on voice activation, complete with the yelling.

It also fits well with LG’s recent big hits with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors – the LG Optimus G Pro works with a Snapdragon 600 while the LG Optimus G works with the first quad-core processor from the SoC maker. LG also scored big with the Google Nexus 4, a design based on the Optimus G with the same quad-core Snapdragon processor inside.

Now we’ve just to wait for the announcement – or the LG leaks galore!