We’re pretty hot on the Google TV platform here at Android Community. But we can’t fault Lenovo for going its own way in China, since Google TV still isn’t available outside America. The company has created its own hardware and custom ICS software to deliver a Smart TV ccompetitor to the likes of Samsung’s Smart TV line, and Chinese website MICgadget got their hands on one.

The reviewers were pleased with the product, which starts at the $1300 (converted) level for the 42-inch version and goes up to $2400 for the 55-inch version. That’s about 30% lower than its in-country rivals. The built-in gaming service and controller (below) got especially high marks, since the latter comes in addition to a standard programmable remote. The Lenovo Android 4.0 Smart TV has a 5-megapixel web camera and al lthe normal bells and whistles of a high-end television.

There’s been no word of Lenovo bringing its smart TV out anywhere besides its home territory of China, and with Samsung and LG taking top spots in the limited market already, it’s no wonder. As far as Google TV goes, it’s still stuck in the states, but Sony hopes to bring it to Europe in the fall. Any new major developments should be shown at Google IO this summer. If you’d like to read the full review of the Lenovo TV, head over to MICgadget, though you’ll need to know Cantonese for the videos.


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