IFA 2016 is happening in a few weeks and we’re expecting tech giants to show off their latest goods. So far, we only know Huawei and Sony will be launching their newest flagship phones. Add Lenovo to the list of companies gearing up for the big event. As the new owner of Motorola, Lenovo is believed to introduce new Moto phones aside from a new smartwatch, laptop, and we’re assuming something that looks like a foldable phone. The latter remains a mystery but we’re excited to see the new technology.

Lenovo recently shared a teaser of the company’s lineup at the IFA 2016 in Berlin. The tech event is a great launchpad for any product because thousands of geeks head to Germany this time of the year. The video shows off a number of things: a new foldable smartphone, a hybrid tablet with keyboard, a Moto 360, different Moto Mods, and a new Moto device.

The foldable phone may not be the final and commercial version yet but we’re expecting to get a glimpse of and hands on it even if just the prototype. While Lenovo acquired Motorola a few years back, this is the first year the new Moto phones are released by Lenovo.