The PC and laptop manufacturing giant Lenovo has slowly been working their way into the mobile marketplace. While their tablets haven’t been a smashing hit, nor have their smartphones, some new products shown off at CES sure were exciting. Today some reports have surfaced that Lenovo could potentially be in the running to acquire RIM, and they might toss the ailing company a nice bid to make things interesting. This would really bolster Lenovo’s Android smartphone offerings.

During CES Lenovo showed us their impressive new K900 smartphone with a 5.5-inch 1080p display and powerful Intel Atom processor, and we came away quite impressed. They haven’t made a dent in the smartphone market as much as they’d like but hopefully that will soon change.

According to Bloomberg the second largest PC manufacturer, Lenovo, is looking at their options and one includes purchasing RIM to boost their mobile output and sales. We all know talks about RIM being sold have been in the news for a long long time, but should BB10 fail this could be a real outcome.

Reports confirm that according to Lenovo’s Chief Financial Officer Wong Wai Ming, RIM is just one of many different ideas and options they’ve been tossing around but nothing is concrete. Ming went as far as to say there’s a team dedicated to finding acquisitions to help their mobile presence. Interestingly enough it would be quite a story to see a Chinese manufacturer such as Lenovo buy out a “secure” enterprise-grade company such as RIM that is so widely used in the US. For now this is just a rumor, but we could be seeing more details on this throughout the year so stick around.

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