We’ve been hearing about the term for decades but do we really know what artificial intelligence is? It’s not science fiction but a real technology that is now being integrated into a number of products, services, and other technologies. In the mobile industry, we have Bixby as the latest AI effort but as you know, Samsung is experiencing a number of issues. There’s also the Google Lens. The robot Cozmo also takes advantage of the technology.

Both Google Assistant and Alexa can be considered as basic AI assistants but they still need to be improved. There are numerous smart products available already but developers and engineers have a lot more work to do. One company serious with bringing AI to more people is Lenovo who recently shared the good news they are investing in human resources and structures. One of its first steps is to open the Artificial Intelligence Lab where over a hundred researchers have been working on different projects since March.

Lenovo Research is determined to work on “technologies and partnerships that will drive this intelligent future”. The company’s vision for AI was recently presented at the Lenovo Tech World innovation summit where concept products were shown off. Some of the ideas include a new kind of virtual assistant known this early as CAVA, an optical display called daystAR, SmartVest for cardio health, and the Xiaole platform.

CAVA takes advantage of natural language understanding technologies, as well as, deep learning-based face recognition systems. It helps you manage your calendar so scheduling will be easy. The daystAR optical display works with the Lenovo AR Platform so we can expect more apps will be developed for different industries.

For the health conscious, there’s the SmartVest that can monitor cardiac activities. We’re looking at this one as a special wearable piece that may be used in hospitals for health monitoring. When it comes to understanding people and context, the new Xiaole platform will listen to conversations so it can learn from you. It is meant for businesses as an effective customer service innovation.

To hopefully rival Google Home and Amazon Echo, Lenovo has the SmartCast+ as a new interactive smart speaker. This device can recognize sounds and objects and may deliver augmented reality experiences.

These are concepts for now but we know the ideas can be pretty useful. We’re looking forward to that day when Lenovo will finally and official reveal real and working AI products.

SOURCE: Lenovo