It’s a morning full of wonder here in the Android world, where Lenovo has decided to release some mysterious but awesome images of tablets with Android, two of them, through their Picasa account, photos galore! What we can tell from the images we’re seeing is that there’s an IdeaPad K1 Tablet and a ThinkPad Tablet, the latter being for butanes and the former being, it appears, for entertainment. The IdeaPad K1 is rather rounded edges, several choices for casing colors, and a slew of docking and protection options in BRIGHT colors on top!

This device is the second of two tablets we’ve been treated to this morning by Lenovo, the first being the business oriented ThinkPad Tablet. This IdeaPad K1 shares several features with the ThinkPad including what appears to be either a special lockscreen or a whole new look at Honeycomb – the same image appearing on most of the press photos we’re seeing here. Beyond that we can clean that there’s certainly not an abundance of ports on this device, that it’s rather simple looking so that it might appeal to the masses, and that it’s pretty.

We’ve of course seen what appear to essentially be this same tablet several months ago in a listing for the IdeaPad K1, the exact same photos in tow. Of course you might also recognize this tablet as resembling what’s known as the Lenovo LePad, a device that’s already on its second generation. This new version appears to have a keyboard dock, a rather fun looking fold-over cover flap, and a dock that’ll turn it into a desktop computer.


Which tablet looks more appealing to you, this or the ThinkPad Tablet?

Thanks for the tip Riccardo P!