Lenovo announced a refresh for the A-Series tablet lineup earlier in the month. At the time we were given a look at the specs for each of the different models, however the release dates and pricing was somewhat vague. Lenovo had only said these models would begin arriving “worldwide” during the second quarter of the year.

Coming by way of a Lenovo provided update, we now know the tablets will be arriving in the US in May. The A-Series consists of the TAB A7-50 and A7-40 as well as the TAB A8 and TAB A10. As the numbers in the names would suggest, these will be 7-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch devices.

The TAB A7-50 and A7-40 are being pushed as reading devices. Lenovo has these models both equipped with HD displays and powered by a quad-core processor. You can also expect to find a 5MP rear-facing camera and 2MP front-facing camera. The main difference between the 50 and 40 is the color. The A7-40 will be available only in Ebony. The A7-40 also drops the rear-facing camera.

The TAB A8 is an entertainment device which sports an HD display. This model is powered by a quad-core processor, has Dolby audio and will be available in midnight blue. The remaining model is the TAB A10 which is more a work on the go type of device. Lenovo also has this one sitting with an HD display, and coming with an optional Bluetooth keyboard.

The pricing is as follows; TAB A7-50 (and A7-40) for $129 and the TAB A8 for $179. The TAB A10 by itself will be $249 and those looking to grab the keyboard can pick up a bundle pack for $299. Again, these are expected to arrive in the US in May.

SOURCE: Business Wire