Samsung has just rolled out another update for the new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge premium flagship smartphones. New Galaxy device owners will receive the OTA anytime soon that is said to improve the touch feature. Early adopters who may have noticed some irregularities in skewed photos will now be able to correct the shape. Others who have reported finger palm rejection issue especially on the Galaxy S7 edge will be happy to know that it’s already fixed.

We have yet to try a Galaxy S7 and S7 edge updated with this particular build (XXU1APD1) but the shape correction feature won’t be easily accessible from the default photo editor. It could be an automatic option when the camera has moved or if the result is a blurry image. Distorted shapes are said to be corrected by the feature easily or perhaps “magically”.

Over-the-air notifications should be pushed this week. If you don’t see one yet or are simply being impatient, you can always check manually on your phones. Proceed to Settings> About device or get the file from the firmware database. To be sure, you may also check Samsung Smart Switch. File size is 156MB so make sure you have enough storage.



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