Action Launcher beta widget stacks

The latest version of the Action Launcher: Pixel Edition app you will see on the Google Play Store is not updated yet. What we have linked below is for the available APK download for you to install and try but we have some information and screenshots as shared by our source. The new build is said to deliver widget stacks similar to iPhone. We are not saying these Android developers want to copy iOS but the new feature looks like what the iPhone has.

Not many people will appreciate that it’s similar to iOS or that Apple did it first but for practical reasons, widget stacks can be useful. Action Launcher has been a favorite in the Android community for years. We’ve seen almost all the updates. The last updates we mentioned were the adaptive icon styles and manual color picker. The third-party launcher is bringing widget stacks to solve the widget overload issue.

A homescreen tends to be disorganized but you can fix it with widgets. Keep the screen clean by stacking apps on top of each other. When you need to use them, swipe vertically. The new Widget Stack option can be found on top of the widget picker. Click and drag it to the homescreen to begin a new stack. Choose any app or widget to add to the stack.

Feel free to resize the stack. Do it like you would a regular widget. It can 1×1, 3×3, or 5×2–depending on your style or preference. Check the Google Play Store regularly to see if the latest version is available. If not, download the APK from here as shared by our source.


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