Action Launcher can already be considered an old launcher having been available since 2013. We started with version 2.0 then and moved to version 3.0 the following year. We’ve witnessed how the app evolved as it received major and minor changes throughout the years. Just before the year-end, Action Launcher v45 is made available on the Google Play Store. It brings a number of new user feature requests, Android 10 gesture navigation support, deeper ActionDash integration, and more useful Widgets.

Action Launcher v45 delivers a number of Android 10 features and improvements. It’s actually more compatible now with the latest Android version, especially the gesture navigation feature. You have to make sure though the Android 10 December 2019 system update is already installed for it to work properly.

The v45 build brings deeper ActionDash integration. The latter is one of the best digital wellbeing apps on Google Play right. The Action Launcher receives two important improvements.

The Action Launcher gets an always-updated widget that tells you up-to-the-second stats about one’s device users. Pausing apps is also now possible just by long-press the icons of the apps. Click on the Pause icon that will show. Apps paused are unpaused automatically the next day.

The app update also brings improved dual apps support, Quicktheme support for live wallpapers, and Startpage search engine support. A 2020 Supporter Pack is also included here. The Quicktheme and improved dual apps support need ActionDash 6.0 so make sure you also download it from the Play Store.

Th Quicktheme feature extracts colors from live wallpapers so the home screen colors match them. App installations can be duplicated. Multiple copies are now possible on a device but the feature needed improved support. Meanwhile, Startpage search engine support means Action Launcher is bringing importance to privacy.


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