Honestly, we didn’t expect to hear much again from LastPass after it was acquired by LogMeIn way back in October. The idea was to enhance the service for other IAM-related products and since it was also offered free to new users on any mobile device. All these changes happened after the Material Design update earlier last year.

This time, the new LastPass 4.0 offers a better way to manage passwords for more websites. You see, remembering too many passwords is quite a challenge because one person has too many accounts and profiles everywhere. With LastPass, secure password management is possible.

The new LastPass now features an updated look and feel. It’s easier on the eyes now and looks less cluttered. You can choose from either the List or Grid View depending on which you find easier to navigate. Add new items instantly and easily with a few clicks.

And because your passwords are sacred, you can also provide Emergency Access to trusted family family members or friends. You’ll never know what will happen to you so might as well plan for the unexpected. For those handling corporate accounts or sites, there’s the Sharing Center that will allow you to share and manage different passwords in one place.

The changes and new features mentioned above will be available in the software, as well as, in the Android and iOS app versions.


Download LastPass from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: LastPass


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