It took them a while to get here, but they finally did. Land’s End, from Ustwo, the makers of critically acclaimed game Monument Valley, has arrived for your gaming enjoyment, but only if you have a Samsung Gear VR. Yes, that’s right, this is one of those rare games that are exclusively for virtual reality headsets, and this might eventually be how some games will be introduced once VR becomes ubiquitous.

Just like Monument Valley, this is a beautifully made and meditative puzzle game. The gameplay makes it obvious that it was created for and is best played with a VR component. You need to create constellations by drawing outlines through a beam of light that will be controlled by your gaze. The object is to lift up the structure you created on the landscape through telekinesis. You will create new formations out of these and open up new paths, further going into the mystery of this ancient civilization you woke up to.

It’s been more than a year actually since they previewed this game back in October 2014, but probably since we’re dealing with a new tech here, it took them this long to bring it to commercial use. The team spent some time learning, testing, tweaking, and eventually finalizing this game, and based on the launch video, it looks amazing.

For now though, only those with a Samsung Galaxy VR plus a compatible smartphone, will be able to play this game. There’s no news yet as to whether they will create a different version of it for other platforms. You can download Land’s End through the Oculus store as of today.