There seems to be a distinct movement towards flexible mobile devices at this point, which could mean that companies not earning from the smartphone market are looking for expansion niches and groundbreaking technology to get to that “next big thing”. The Kyocera Proteus concept phone – a flexible, rollable, wearable smartphone.

The Proteus is basically a smartphone and a fitness wearable rolled into one (pun intended). Kyocera says that the Proteus can have three main configurations – holding it in one’s palm like a conventional smartphone, rolled like a bracelet on your wrist like a fitness band, and attached or clipped to a fitness vehicle like a bike for added fitness and GPS information. Wearing it on your wrist activates the sensors at the back of the device – monitoring heart rate, run speed and distance and number of steps.


We’ve seen this idea before, more recently in a device called Portal – which is an IndieGoGo project that is currently crowdsourcing its own funding. The Portal also works on roughly the same concept. But a bit more honestly, Kyocera admits that a number of technologies need to be mainstream before this product can be launched. One of them would of course be flexible AMOLED displays. Another would be flexible batteries – which Samsung is actually doing research on lately.

Is this really a viable project? Or will it continue to be a pipe dream because of unavailable technology? What do you guys think?

VIA: Display Central