If you’ll think back to a few weeks ago, we were hanging out in New York when suddenly there was a flash, and a flying man! He told us to go to a Sprint even that would feature him, David Blaine! So we went to this Sprint event and he did a bunch of magic including holding his breath for entirely too long, releasing fish from his mouth, and pouring some liquid inside liquid – why would he do such things, you might ask? He was promoting a magical new device, of course, the Kyocera Echo, a dual-screen Android device that’s not a phone yet not quite a tablet. Today that device has passed the FCC, so it’ll be out soon, we hope!

The reason we hope this device will be out soon is because we LOVE odd Androids. Ever since way back a few months ago when we first reviewed the Samsung Continuum, with its “extra screen” along the bottom also known as the “ticker,” we’ve been pumped up about new ways to experience the Android mobile OS. Two screens that fold out to create one? That seems weird. Let’s check it out.


Now the Kyocera Echo is passing the FCC and with its massive amount of files and reports hammering past, we’re hoping for a release sooner rather than later. Can you imagine Honeycomb across a couple of smartphone screens, all in one device? This is what’s about to happen right here, and it’s all on Sprint.

[via FCC]