For streamlining the look on your smartphone, widgets are the next level of customization that you can go to. The problem is that the good looking and widget apps with nice features – like Zooper and Kustom Widget – are usually paid apps that you need to convince yourself if you really want to pay for it. So times like now – when the Kustom Widget Pro Key is absolutely free to download – should be taken advantage of.

Kustom Widget is your foundation for changing the looks on your phone. There are a lot of nice widgets designed for the Kustom Widget system, but you will need to usually buy the widget system for you to use those. So right now – as of time of writing – Kustom Widget Pro is absolutely free to download.

Once you’ve downloaded Kustom Widget Pro Key, you also need to download the app, so check them out from the links below. Once you have the full system downloaded and installed, you can now start looking for widget packages for Kustom Widget such as Unity for KWGT, among others.

We warn you though. Once you have a widget system in place, you may never want to go back to the stock look of your phone. This is the closest thing you can have to ultimate customization, short of flashing a custom ROM.

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