MRU Widget shows recently used apps, blacklist backup/restore added

From Now cards to notifications to launchers, there are still so many ways to personalize your Android phone experience. There seems to be a trend now to declutter one's home screen because really, it's just too difficult to have a disorganized screen. There are several apps and widgets that can help productivity and app management like viewing the most recent apps you've used. The MRU Widget is a special tool that lessens the need to create app shortcuts as all those recently used apps will simply show up on the MRU.

FORM Clock Widget to go with your FORM watchface

Just last week, we told you about the FORM watchface created for Google's first design conference. It worked beautifully with four other apps, namely Muzei HD Landscapes, Muzei Live Wallpaper, Muzei watch app, and the FORM smartphone app. But some people thought that wasn't enough and they wanted a widget counterpart for the watchface. Well a Reddit user/developer finally ported it and came up with the FORM Clock Widget.

BBC Sports app now has widget for top stories

With the sheer number of apps that we have installed on our smartphones and tablets, we don't get to open them everyday (unless you do need them for work or school). But what if you really wanted to be updated about something that interests you but you don't have time to open up the app everyday? If your interest is sports, then you'd probably be happy that the BBC Sports app's newest update is giving you a widget to make things easier for you.

Month: The Calendar Widget puts pretty calendars on device

While the really good calendar apps have become invaluable to our lives, there are times when what you want to do is just have a quick glance at a digital calendar without the bells and whistles. That’s what calendar widgets are basically for. Month: The Calendar Widget allows you to do just that and makes it easy on the eyes as well.

KitKat bug may be affecting widgets on your handset

Have widgets been disappearing from your KitKat device? If so, you may not be alone, as HD Widgets is reporting what they believe is a widespread issue among Android handsets running 4.4. It’s causing quite a few headaches, and we’ve even noticed the issue ourselves.

CallWho brings contextual contacts to your home screen

Contextual info is important, typically being left to launchers that capture your evolving device use. Apps and services may be forced to your screen at different times with a launcher like Aviate, what about tasks that don’t require such sea change? A new widget named CallWho aims to bring the same contextual brilliance to your home screen, leaving your customization alone.
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