We talked about the XBMC media player suite – now renamed “Kodi” because of copyright issues – a month ago when we talked about the Yatse remote app for Android. There is now another app out there to compete with Yatse which enables users to remotely control their Kodi/XBMC software straight from their Android device, it’s called Kore, and it looks promising.

With a media player suite as versatile and robust as XBMC, you would hope that your companion remote app will be up to the task as well. That’s where the Kore app comes in, made by Synced Synapse. According to the developer, Kore is a Kodi/XBMC remote control which has all the basic features implemented – including letting users control playback, view what’s currently playing, a detailed view of the playlist, browsing of your media library (movies, tv shows, music, etc.), and even download media locally from network sources.

The comparison with Yatse is unfortunate but unavoidable, since both apps compete in doing the same thing – and if Kore’s reddit respondents are to be taken seriously, it looks like Kore seems to have a cleaner interface than Yatse. The response has been relatively warm, so things are looking up for the app.

If you use Kodi as a part of your entertainment system at home, then we suggest you give Kore a try. Check the download link below. Also, the developer seems to be a prompt responder to his reddit thread, so if you have questions, you might want to post it there.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store