The name Kodak has always been synonymous with film rolls and cameras. Over the last few decades, it has since transitioned to a brand delivering new devices for the mobile market. We’ve seen a few products already including the Kodak IM5 and Kodak Ektra. There’s also that Kodak Moments app that lets you edit, share, and print directly from the phone.

Honestly, we can’t say the company’s venture into the mobile business has been a big success but now it’s licensing its name to ARCHOS to deliver a new tablet in Europe. Kodak has chosen Archos, a known name in the European consumer electronics industry, to design and manufacture a Kodak tablet to be released in the region.

The European tablet market is a new venture for Kodak and with the help of Archos, it is hoping to continue on the latter’s impressive track record. If you may remember, Archos was the first one to release an Android tablet back in 2009.

Kodak has this brand licensing program that lets other OEMs to carry its name and launch devices in the market. This time, the Frend brand ARCHOS will have the honor to continue the legacy of Kodak, at least, in the tablet game.

No information on the tablets and specs yet (except for the 8MP rear cam and 3G connectivity) but expect the future Kodak-Archos slates with the latest technologies, better build, and more chic design. Expect these tablets to be sold in Europe before Summer.