The latest numbers for Android distribution are in from Google and the numbers show a noticeable change from last month. The single most popular flavor of Android for the week ending September 9, 2014 is Android Jelly Bean API 16 at 25.1% of the market. That is a 1.4% decline for the share of the market that same OS version held last month.

However, Jelly Bean API 17 and 18 did grow slightly during the month. The big mover on the chart is Android KitKat, which now holds 24.5% of the Android market. In August, KitKat held 20.9% of the market making it the second most popular version of Android out there.


That growth for KitKat is no surprise considering the number of new devices that have hit the market recently using the OS that have proven popular with buyers. Android Gingerbread did lose a bit of ground, in August it held 13.6% of the Android market and this month it held 11.4% of the market.

As always, these numbers come from the number of phones that checked into the Android market for the seven days ending on September 9, 2014. Froyo is still holding on with 0.7% of the market showing no change from last month.

SOURCE: Android