Kingdom Rush Android game

Action-packed strategy game Kingdom Rush is one of the more popular games for Android that’s been included in several Humble Bundles, Pre-Holiday Sales, and Amazon’s Free App of the Day deals. The paid game already has several versions: Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush Origins, and Kingdom Rush Frontiers. Fans of the series will be happy to know that the original $1.99 Kingdom Rush is now available for free.

From paid to free, the action fantasy defense game was also recently optimized for tablets so players can experience the epic journey on a slightly bigger screen. Nothing has changed though, it’s the same adventure where more than 50 enemies–trolls, orcs, evil wizards, and scary fiends are going after you and your kingdom. The only difference now is that it’s free for everyone to download. This means more will be able to enjoy the game and understand why you’re so addicted with Kingdom Rush.

Plan your defensive strategy on the mountains, forests, and wastelands. To fight the enemies, you can do anything from recruiting elven warriors to summoning reinforcements. If necessary, rain fire on your enemies and command your brave troops to fight. All you need to do is face those legendary monsters to save your Kingdom.

New players might first think this strategy game is “oh so cute” because of the hand-illustrated cartoon graphics but don’t be deceived as Kingdom Rush is so engaging it will get you hooked for hours especially with the tower upgrades and tower abilities you can use. There are nine heroes to choose from and each one has special powers that can fight those goblins and demons. Use your defensive and tactical skils to finish all 60 achievements after numerous intense boss fights and battles.

Download Kingdom Rush from the Google Play Store