Back in July, Amazon launched its new all you can read eBook service called Kindle Unlimited. At launch, the service was available in the US only leaving everyone outside the States out. That has changed this week with Amazon announcing that Kindle Unlimited is now available in the UK.

The service is available in the UK right now for fans of digital books to try out with a free 30-day trial. After that 30-day trial is over, the UK version of Kindle Unlimited will set consumers back £7.99 per month.

That monthly fee will give access to 650,000 books along with thousands of audio books that can be synced across platforms where the Amazon mobile apps function. It’s worth noting that in the US Kindle Unlimited gives access to about 50,000 additional books.

As with the US service, in the UK most books from major publishers aren’t offered. There are some major book series available though, including Harry Potter and The Hunger Games.

SOURCE: Engadget


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