Amazon is calling its new read-all-you-can (or listen-all-you-can) “Kindle Unlimited”, and it boasts of 600,000 titles that readers can choose from, as well as a dip into a considerable audiobook collection. Amazon is diversifying its approach to the ebook market, and is looking to convince readers to buy into Kindle Unlimited for USD$9.99 a month.

The service works across all devices and platforms where you can find and use the Kindle app. Using Amazon’s Whispersync network, the service will be able to mark current “read to” pages across platforms and other such reader highlights. Anyone who will buy into Kindle Unlimited also gets access to 2,000 audiobooks from Audible, this according to Amazon.

As always, the viability of services like this would be told by the strength of its selections, and 600,000 titles – though considerable in number – represents but a pinch in Amazon’s overall number of ebooks available. Amazon is banking on the popularity and strength of the titles available – like J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series and the Lord of the Rings trilogy – to carry the service through.

Kindle Unlimited, in this sense, is pretty “limited” – but as a strategy to diversify its market, it might work for Amazon. To increase flagging ebook sales, this service would have to earn its way to the hearts of Kindle users. Would Amazon increase the books in the catalog after a period of time? Watch this space people.

VIA: SlashGear